Easy to use, hard to pass!

I Love Moviez is a mobile quiz application for movie enthusiasts to challenge themselves on their movie knowledge



I Love Moviez is a mobile quiz application. It generates questions based on data from the imdb top 500 movies list. This is the final product of itiden Labs one-day hackaton. We are a bunch of developers and movie geeks, who each one proudly would claim to know the most about those two areas. But we managed to swallow our pride and come together under this project, which started as a team collaboration exercise. And we are all happy with the result and hope you enjoy it.

"I must admit I got goose bumps when seeing the final result. I am so proud of my team. They did an incredible job! #SoooooooProud"

- Product Owner

"Despite my immense hangover, having partied late yesterday, I got the job done, fully pixel-perfect and responsive. Got to go now!"

- Designer

"I put my life on the line with this project to guarantee zero-down time and extreme security optimizations."

- Devops

"I managed to use all the top-rated github javascript libraries from the daily trending list."

- Lead Developer

"I am extremly content with the result, having incoporated all the latest buzzwords."

- Seo-Specialist